We were inspired by last years Everything skit and so decided we would do something of our own! We’re so grateful to God for all the time and wonderful talents He’s given us. We’re excited and committed in doing something new every year!

Some people asked about the spiritual meaning of this skit..

The recording did not turn out as well as we hoped. The center light is a little hard to see because we didn’t have nearly enough smoke. It was easier to see live. Point is, you have a small light coming down and a routine being performed around it. As the skit progresses people stumble into the light and do something unique but do not stay there for very long. At the end the people notice the light get small and all of them struggle to get to it. Once the light is gone its as if all hope is lost and everyone dies (This makes me think of when Jesus dies on the cross and is in the grave for 3 days). But then the light returns in a much broader form changing everyone. This moment was to symbolize Christ coming into the world. This was a Christmas skit and there was a lot said before the performance to explain what ppl saw. We wanted to make something that would get ppl thinking and would allow them to apply their own understanding. There are a lot of different parallels in this skit to the Bible. For example, you could say that in the Old Testament very few ppl had a special relationship with God but when Christ comes he makes that available for everyone. God created the world perfect, beautiful and full of light, but when darkness came we all fell into sin that’s portrayed here as an ugly routine. But God is always there touching lives and changes the world when he gave us his son (This is the light coming back in a broader form). We live like the world, all moving the same pace, but when Jesus touches our lives we stand out, we shine, we become identified, we are Alive!

Song List:
Life in Technicolor — Coldplay
Time I Understood — Wavorly
Grand Central — Edward Shearmur
High Charity — Marty O’Donnell
The Mob — Hans Zimmer
Still Alive — Lisa Miskovsky
Dark Realms — DJ GMC
Planet Earth Footage

If interested, ask for the full mixed track mp3

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